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Are you looking for more passion, joy and happiness in your life? Do you sometimes think that “things” have to change but you don’t know how? Do you think YOU actually have to change but you don’t know how?

If you are looking for support on your journey of self-development that allows for sustainable change, you are in the right place! With the education and background of both psychology and life coaching, I get to use the best of both worlds to help guide you to what is most important to you.

Smiling Minds Club gives trainings in wellbeing, the effects of a positive mind-set, non-violent communication, and (re)discovering strength and passion. These trainings are well-balanced by applying scientifically proven exercises and lots of interaction between participants which make the Smiling Minds Club trainings not only very profound but also light-hearted in character. 

Being a certified Mindfulness Trainer Smiling Minds Club also gives Mindfulness trainings based on the MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) program as well as Mindful with your Baby trainings.

If for any reason you are not able to participate in a Mindfulness Training in a group setting, you are welcome to follow an individual Mindfulness Training - live in Haarlem or online.

Biografie / Over Vanessa Kossin

After having worked as a corporate coach and trainer I have made one of my dreams come true by founding Smiling Minds Club. 

Here I coach and train people who want to live their life more aware and consciously, who simply seek change, more joy and passion in their life. I’m passionate about working with people, individuals and groups, to support them in their very own and unique development. Being part of somebody’s transformation or process is an honour for me.

I'm a psychologist and in order to encourage others’ processes more skilfully I have deepened my knowledge by becoming a certified mindfulness trainer, mediator and yoga instructor. My honest curiosity in others, empathic personality and intuitive work manner help me to easily understand things from other people's point of view and to focus on whatever needs the most attention in that particular moment as well as in the long run.

For any Mindfulness sessions – training or coaching – it is important to know that I’m a VMBN registered Mindfulness trainer – therefore, most Dutch health insurances partially reimburse the costs of these Mindfulness sessions.

Smiling Minds Club
Vanessa Kossin

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Landelijk Netwerk van bewuste ondernemers die actief zijn op het vlak van bewust, gezond, duurzaam of welzijn.


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