Persoonlijke groei Coaching - Leiderschapscoaching

Empowering you as a Leader and Pathfinder, over leiderschap op het juiste pad

GenerativeYOU offers Integrative Next Stage Leadership Learning Journey’s for individuals or groups. Our learning journeys are both customised and personalised to empower individuals groups and teams to unlock their inner resources and realise their potential.

Through a truly unique blend of timeless wisdom about how to live a fulfilled and impactful life, our learning journeys are informed by the cohering power of evolutionary thinking  as well as the rich experience Dave Pendle has accrued through over 30 years of spiritual and personal and professional development practice.

Our journeys are designed to enable you to become a powerful agent of change using the following road maps:

BEING-Self Leadership – Our learning journeys enable you to embrace uncertainty leading to improved confidence conviction in life itself.
BEING-Connection – Build lasting bonds of trust, of self and others, from which to develop your future.
SEEING-Synthesis – Unleash creative powers to seize opportunities and generate new futures.
SEEING-Enquiry – Focus your curiousity and openness to discover the power of living your questions.

Biografie / Over Dave Pendle

Dave Pendle is has pursued a lifelong journey of personal growth, has lived in India, the USA and Australia and considers himself to be first and foremost a learner. Other capabilities include being an Leadership Developer, Talent Coach, Facilitator, Conversationalist, Trainer, Innovator and Organisational Developer all of which he puts the service of people organisations and communities in order that they might thrive.

Professionally Dave has worked in the fields of social work and youth housing for governmental and voluntary services to improve the lives of excluded children and young adults for over twenty five years. Dave was awarded a distinction for his MA dissertation on the Phenomenology of Leadership Development, and is fascinated by how this nebulous topic captivates contemporary thought. Having pursued a path of personal development for nearly forty years and has developed a keen interest in the transformative benefits of contemplation and philosophical enquiry

Dave is also a very experienced, innovative, values driven senior manager and leader, specialised in training and developing others to realise their strengths and potential. Resilient, resourceful and highly motivated, Dave thrives in challenging and fast paced work environments. Has strong track record of delivering on time on budget on target, across a hugely diverse portfolio of activity. Seeks to diversify experience in charity sector through increased responsibility and working with different client groups.

One of Dave’s proudest achievements is developing and delivering ‘Voices from the Edge’ an international speaker series, which involved liaising with experts from diverse disciplines including but not limited to, scientists, philosophers and cultural theorists even Nobel Peace Prize nominees.

Professional Qualifications & Education include
• Master’s Degree Kingston (Professional Education and Training in Human Services) Distinction 2013
• Certificate in Action Learning facilitation- ILM -2014
• Certificate in Transformational Coaching- ILM -2014
• Enabling Others Practice Teacher Qualification Bournemouth University 2011
• Post Graduate Certificate in ‘Leading Places for Change’ – 2009
• Post Graduate Certificate in ‘Therapeutic Child Care’ validated by Exeter University -1998

Generative You
Dave Pendle

Landelijke Agenda van activiteiten op het vlak van bewust, gezond, duurzaam of welzijn.

Landelijk Netwerk van bewuste ondernemers die actief zijn op het vlak van bewust, gezond, duurzaam of welzijn.

Landelijk Netwerk van bewuste ondernemers die actief zijn op het vlak van bewust, gezond, duurzaam of welzijn.


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